Monday, February 9, 2015

Photo of the Week 2-9

There are a couple things going on with this image, first this is a film scan, second this was color film that was crossed processed, processed using BW chemistry, and third I was having issues with my film camera at the time and while rewinding the film after it getting stuck I accidentally damaged it.  The vertical streaks you see at the tip half of the image is a result of that damage, and yet I still think its a great print.  I took an iconic natural wonder and presented it in a new light, the light of unpredictable film troubles and and alternative process.

This was not taken last week, but I finally had this film developed after sitting on my desk for nearly 3 years.  So although I didn't really pick up my camera last week I'm still keeping with my goal to move my photography forward by actually developing all the film I've had sitting around for years.

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