Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The First Post

Let me begin by explaining how and why I chose the name of my blog. I decided not to long ago that I wanted to write my observations, commentary, musings, and trip logs down. I didn't want to just write in a journal and lock it away, I wanted my writings on a public forum. It makes you really think and process the things you're writing about because other eyes may read it, it also just feels like it means more. I started to think about all of this seriously as I was on a solo road trip from Santa Barbara, CA to Salt Lake City, UT with many detours. I was about 5 hours into my drive when I thought about what to name my blog. I wanted to incorporate the word adventure if possible because I hate feeling stuck. I feel most myself when I'm out on an adventure. So that part was pretty straight forward. I chose adventuress for the feminine flare. I do enjoy getting dressed up every now and again, in between being covered in dirt either at the ranch or out on a rock. 'Lone' took some thinking and has a much more deeply rooted tie to me. I chose lone because the majority of my most epic trips have been alone. Driving to Colorado from California, stopping at five national parks along the way, all done alone. My most recent trip previously mentioned, taking a week to drive to and from Santa Barbara to Salt Lake, all done alone. Being alone doesn't just connect to my travel, but also one of my fundemental views. I think finding happiness outside of human interaction is the most important thing for lasting happiness. To me people are inherently unreliable and fickle, I don't fault is for it, I just think it's in our nature. So being alone is not a negative to me, if I can find happiness by myself I can hold on to it much longer if I don't tie it to the people around me. I do enjoy people, we are supposed to be social creature, I just don't want to put all my happiness into people. In short the word lone carries a great importance to me. Hopefully this is only one of the few times I get philosophical, as my goal for this blog is not to make judgement (ok maybe sometimes), but to comment and make observations on the world around me. This blog is a place to just write my thoughts, but not my personal stories of pain and anguish about every failed relationship and friendship including every little detail. My personal emotions are for me, I feel no need to share every last detail. I will merely comment.

Now a basic intro, my name's Maggie, currently located in Santa Barbara, CA. I work as a horseback riding instructor in Santa Ynez, CA and a climbing coach and manager at the local climbing gym. I also occasionally work as an assistant to a local photographer and model a little on the side. I'm also trying to finish up college. 

Riding, climbing, photography, and outdoor adventures are my biggest passions. I have a crazy and inexplicably cute German shepherd, greyhound, and cattle dog mix, her name is Mila. Champ is a Belgian Warmblood (thats a breed of horse) and just like Mila is a bit nuts, but he's still managed to weave his way into my heart. Be prepared for many stories and photos of those two, they mean a great deal to me.  I also have a bit of an odd car.  I drive a 1986 Diesel Toyota Land Cruiser BJ70, it was imported from Japan and I'm the first US owner, besides the importer/dealer.  It happens to be right hand drive.

All of these passions, beings, and things shape who I am and influence my actions greatly. 

I also occasionally feel like I should just move to southern Utah and make a living off exploring. 
 Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah. MMcDermut Photography. 
 Champ being himself.
 Model Champ.
 These two mean the world to me. 
 I have a smiling dog. 
 And a model dog. 

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